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About Spybeam

Spybeam Books is a consortium seeking more reader-friendly distribution for allied publishers, notably Spineless Books and I-BeaM Books, from whose names our portmanteau, and from whose efforts our portfolio, were derived.

Who we are are mostly professional literary workers William Gillespie, Urbana; & Dirk Stratton, Spokane. & friends.

Founded 20-02-2002, Spineless Books is an independent literary publishing house dedicated to the production and distribution of innovative literature, with an emphasis on collaborative writing, formal experimentation, and utopian thought.

I-BeaM Books is an independent publishing house that publishes books printed on paper, just like they used to be before e-books existed. Poetry is our first love, and the Y-Knot Poetry Series has been established to publish books of poetry that should have been published long ago. We’re fond of fiction, too, don’t get us wrong, particularly the more avant-garde stuff. The Y-Knot Fiction Series handles destined-to-be-classic collections of short stories. And if we discover any novels that need to be preserved on paper, we’ll publish those, as well.

Lastly but most overwhelmingly, we'd like to use this space to link back to some things, such as the irreducible hypertext The Unknown whose wafer-thin pamphlet we sell here. & our band.

Samizdat! Sprachgefühl! ¡Vivan los libros sin espinas! ¡Vivan los rayos de los ojos! ¡Vivan los rayos de espías!