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Concrete and Constraint

by Christian Bök , Anthony Etherin , and Nick Montfort ,


Concrete & Constraint (Anthology)

"An anthology of international constrained & visual poetry: 64 full-colour pages of work from 24 poets. The anthology is split into two sections: “Procedural & Permutational”, which focuses on textual and spatial transformations, and “Prohibitive & Plastic”, whose focus is material and conceptual limitations."

Featuring work by...

Samuel Andreyev, Gary Barwin, derek beaulieu, Gregory Betts, Christian Bök, Luke Bradford, Franco Cortese, Clara Daneri, Lucy Dawkins, Anthony Etherin, Kyle Flemmer, Helen Frank, Ken Hunt, Nasser Hussain, Arnold McBay, Ross McCleary, Nick Montfort, Kelly Nelson, Sharon Phillips, Eric Schmaltz, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Rachel Smith, Andrew Topel, and Catherine Vidler.