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by Anthony Etherin , William Gillespie , and Nick Montfort ,


Full-colour, Perfect-bound Paperback, 148x210mm, 62pp

“Reflections” presents a collection of palindromes from the world’s most gifted palindromists, with works ranging from surreal one-line witticisms to formal poems and lengthy prose. Complementing the text is a selection of symmetrical visual poetry and art, exploring a variety of traditional and digital media.
Featuring work by:

Merlina Acevedo, Jon Agee, Gary Barwin, Christian Bök, derek beaulieu, Martin Clear, John Connett, Ctrlcreep, Clara Daneri, Lucy Dawkins, Win Emmons, Anthony Etherin, Mary Frances, William Gillespie, James Knight, Mike Maguire, Nick Montfort, Pedro Poitevin, Mark Saltveit, Alex Stevens, Catherine Vidler, CDN Warren, and Lori Wike.