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Stray Arts (and Other Inventions)

by Anthony Etherin


Hardback, 148x210mm, 148pp

Taking as his subject a sequence of historically significant inventions — from ancient mythologies to modern scientific wonders — Anthony Etherin explores the structure of language, combining various forms of verse with severe literary restrictions, and thereby constructing a poetics of previously untested intricacy.

“I’ve seen people able to do perfect bottom deals at casino poker tables for 100 thousand dollar stakes, under heat. I’ve seen people able to do bottom deals at illegal mob games where everyone was carrying. This poetry is only a bit safer but way, way harder. And impresses me more. I love it.” — Penn Jillette

“Anthony Etherin renders all my own virtuoso ventures obsolete. I truly covet this book.” — Christian Bök

“Anthony Etherin is a hard taskmaster with language, making it jump through hoops, run long distances backwards, and then turn in on itself, in a strenuous series of contortions that leave it gleaming with word-sweat — but all this exercise is more than worth it, because the poems Anthony produces are dictionaries of possibilities, maps of linguistic futures that are well worth exploring if you want to find joy and delight and jaw-dropping skill.” — Ian McMillan

About the Author...

Anthony Etherin is a UK-based writer of constrained, formal and experimental poetry. He tweets @Anthony_Etherin, and archives his work online at anthonyetherin.wordpress.com.