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The Bermuda Love Triangle, by Tom Grothus

by Tom Grothus


The Bermuda Love Triangle, by Tom Grothus. ISBN 0-930257-06-5. 4.75 by 3.5 inches. 48 pages. Perfect bound. Published by Function Industries. 1988. $10.

The Bermuda Love-Triangle, from 1988, is Tom Grothus's most elaborate production. The printing is all offset-lithography on quality stock. The black, red, and yellow cover includes some spot varnish highlights. The 24 leaves inside are printed in blue and black ink, for 48 pages of content. Interspersed among the pen-and-ink drawings are several beautiful duotones of pencil and ball-point-pen drawings.

Some of the images in this book are like those of a dream that haunts you with an elusive meaning. The common literary thread throughout is a list of various proposed freedoms, such as the "Freedom to Obey Puppets." These may fill in some of the gaps left in the U.S. Constitution by that nation's founding fathers.

Editor's Note: Gripping, lovely, haunted, serene, and impeccably surreal, this book of gentle hallucinations defies categorization. You might call them cartoons, but they will make you laugh silently for weeks. This is one of the nicest books we have ever held.