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The Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop, by Miriam Martincic and William Gillespie

by William Gillespie and Miriam Martincic


The Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop: A rhyming picture book for good children and bad parents

Poem by William Gillespie
Drawings and Design by Miriam Martincic. >>
Merit award, 3x3 International Illustration Annual #17. Author and Illustrator Portraits, selected by Society of Illustrators NY #62; AND given merit award by 3x3 International Illustration Annual #17, AND and included in the Society of Illustrators NY annual, 2019. (!!!!)

This is a book about the dangers of candy and oceans. Set against William Gillespie’s wee epic poem, built on a metric pattern resembling tooth decay, Miriam Martincic’s hyperglycemic illustrations sizzle like Pop Rocks in Coca-Cola. For readers who find traditional children’s literature too saccharin, this story is spun from pure sugar, sea salt, tears, and the ability to find sweetness in suffering.

Paperback book with spine. 6x9. 60 succulent color pages. Perfect bound. New and rare and beautiful. $24.